For Mobile: There will be an activation button on the top right hand corner of every page which can be clicked to activate online sharing.
For PC: Click on the “Send Online” button and share away!
*Please note that online sharing is available to only PRO users and those who are on the free trial period.
For security purposes, no. You can only send them a link which will be opened in the browser. There have been numerous cases of virus’s being shared on local aswell as external networks which we want to protect you from. *Please note that receivers who will receive files in the browser won’t be able to get password protected or encrypted files.
Trango does not have a file sharing limit. Offline transfers are unlimited and so are online transfers for PRO users. The only limit is the space on your device!
The maximum file size you can share is 3 TB. The only limit is the capacity of your device or network.
Trango is the safest way to share sensitive files. TLS encryption is already embedded in our online file sharing and we encrypt all your files and only your contacts are able to receive files from you. For PRO users, we offer advanced encryption.
Our database which stores your email addresses and synching information is also encrypted and we have no way of accessing it.
This means direct from your device to another device via creating a hotspot.
If you and your contacts are on the same Wifi network or share the same router, the transfers are conducted on that particular network, saving you and your contacts time and internet cost.
A contact is an individual you add in order to transfer files. We only allow file transfers between contacts for security purposes. A lot of apps have been compromised since users can see who is on their internal network and share viruses and other malware.
No, the receiving individual(s) do not need to have the trango app installed for online transfers. However, the receiving individual(s) needs to have the trango app installed for offline transfers.
For numerous reasons. Firstly, we cannot identify the progress of the transfer on the user end due to browser download manager restrictions. You also cannot add an extra layer of encryption on the browser as it encrypts the files in its cache. Compression of files is also done in browser caches which is a long and tedious process, rendering the user experience sub-par.